Rental Management Services

Whether you are looking to rent your property for short holiday or Winter rental Alentejo Living can handle the whole process from the initial enquiry to arranging the payment to your designated bank account.

You may want to rent out to holidaymakers during certain months, or prefer a more regular income from Summer and winter rentals. Whatever you decide, we give you the best advice we can about fees, furnishing requirements, and any extra equipment for rental.

Be warned, we are fussy about all properties that we manage. It is essential that every property is of a required standard prior to us agreeing to undertake rentals.

For all properties we will take photographs, write copy and add them to our website.

For holiday rentals, we arrange to meet with your guests and to escort them to your property and introduce them to on-site facilities. We will also explore whether or not they require any additional services golf bookings, equipment hire etc.

On departure of your holiday guests we will undertake the all important audit to ensure everything has been well cared for. We will also collect the guest feedback sheets and forward to you for future reference.

Everything you need so that you can relax knowing that your guests and your property are well cared for at all times.