Pool Maintenance

Alentejo Living have expanded into our own pool maintenance team.team. We know how pools are important to you and your guests, so we have ensured our pool maintenance team has been trained by the best people in the area.

We understand how important it is to keep the chlorine and ph at the right levels so it does not cause any harm to the swimmers. The ph of the pool should be between 7.2 and 7.8. If the PH is too high then it can damage the pool mechanical components of the pool or irritation of the eyes or can even damage the pool liner. If the PH is too low it can also cause problems such as cloudiness, skin irritation and poor chlorine disinfection. The chlorine levels should be at around 1ppm to 3ppm. This is why at PMJ we always test the PH along with the chlorine.

We are pool specialists that will visit once a week from October till April and twice a week from June till September.

  • The regular clean will consist of :-
  • Clean and disinfect the pool
  • Remove all Debris
  • Check filters and back wash and rinse
  • Check and clean out skimmers
  • Check pool water level and top up when necessary
  • Check water for Chlorine and Ph and adjust as necessary.

We will also treat with Algaecide 3 times per year (if required). Any other additional pool requirements or treatments will be discussed with the client and charged separately.

Please note all pool visits will be recorded on a pool cleaning check list signed and dates with comments with work carried out and available whenever you require.