Property Management

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You own a property in the Alentejo, but don´t live there the entire year, who take care of your home when you are away? We do not only offer various packages for management and maintenance of your house, but also services that make it easier for you.               

Monthly check up of your property.
When damage occurs we provide a report with photos by e-mail and of course a quotation for the costs of the repairs. From € 250,- per year .

Key service.
A backup key nearby. Starting from € 50 a year.This service offers a fortnightly inspection of your property including checking all the windows, grills, doors, airing the property, flushing the toilet and ensuring all is well. Any problems will be immediately reported to you by email or telephone. The above checks are all done as standard but they should not be considered as all encompassing. If you feel that you have some specific requirements please do not hesitate to let us know, for example, the collection of post or the payment of bills. Of course any work carried out in addition to the above terms will be charged at a rate agreed by both parties. If you are planning an extended stay yourself and do not wish us to disturb your privacy we will adjust the cost accordingly. Please do not hesitate to let us know your specific requirements. Should you have guests we can arrange to meet and greet your guests at the property and hand the keys over.

Maintenance to your swimmingpool, garden, land, access road and much more.
Maintenance to the swimmingpool (water level, quality of water (including chloride and pH value), filter maintenance, pumping and heating system, Maintenance of the garden (mowing the grass, trimming plants and bushes, maintenance of the terrace and patio furniture, watering grass and plants, cultivate land …).We have professional equipment, as a tractor, mower, cutter, cultivator, etc etc..

Cleaning service.
More holiday time when the house is clean before you arrive and you don’t have to worry about cleaning before you leave.

Shopping service.
We fill your fridge before you arrive.

Client Representation.
Advice and Management, Problem Solving and Cost Control, Dispute Resolution and Arbitration, New and Existing construction Works

Rent out your property.
See heading rental services for more information.